Sunday, March 20, 2011

Middle Sister

During my trip to Target today, I wandered down the wine aisle. I was just going to pick up my regular Barefoot Moscato, which just so happens to be a nice cheap $5 or so. I had also decided to try another one of their wines, a red this time. So I'm strolling down the aisle pushing my ridiculously heavy cart and this catches my eye:
I thought this was just so adorable, and I had been debating a merlot. . . but wasn't completely sold because it's $11 a bottle. Then I saw this:
 Ah!! And this!
Too freakin' cute!! Then I saw this, and was sold. 
There's more! 
Surfer chick, how cute is that?

There's a theme for every kind - wine and girl!
Was almost sold on this - next time, for sure.   

I started pairing bottles and taking pictures!
Oh, this is so for me!

Since I went in with the plan of trying a different Barefoot wine, I picked up a Pinot Noir and instead of getting the Barefoot Moscato, I went with the Middle Sister bottle. Both are purple - how typical. Maybe I just gravitate to all things purple?
My choices!

I'll be sure to post what I think of Middle Sister when I open the bottle, probably next weekend. Packaging is everything people, any advertising or marketing major can attest (advertising nerd alert!) that if you have eye catching packaging or/and advertisements, consumers are more likely to be attracted to the product (brand recognition is a whole other story). Although, you better have a product to back up your awesome packaging, or that's just an epic fail.

Mmmm, wine. 

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