Saturday, March 19, 2011

Money, Money, Money!

I decided it's about time I started being more responsible with my money and what I'm spending it on. It would be good to have my credit card balances paid down, and some money in savings "for emergencies". Both state of affairs look pretty miserable currently. 

I had created an excel doc (media nerd alert!) months ago itemizing my bills and expenses, but didn't really pay much attention to it. I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to pay all my bills, I wanted to keep that document up to date and I wanted to KNOW where all my money was going. After making sure all payments due are accounted for, all credit cards have been paid OVER the minimum due and just a little extra going into savings with a weekly transfer only then can I spend a little freely, splurge a little. And I mean a little! I'm not raking in the big buck over here! But I would like a little retail therapy. 

I have a busy, busy weekend ahead, but I wanted to fit in some time to run to Express, although I hate fighting people for parking at the mall, so we will see. I bought a cami there a few weeks back and want another color or two. I also have coupons! Gotta love those coupons that bring you in and you leave spending way more than you intended to. But no! I have a budget, I have a plan! I also want to buy some new make up and brushes. It's just nice to be able to do this occasionally. Maybe I'll show you what I pick up in a future post!

I also need to pick up a baby shower gift for Alicia! The shower is next weekend, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her growing baby belly. I hope there is cake =)

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