Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gigi's Cupcakes

Tonight my family and I are getting together for our annual birthday celebration dinner. With all four birthdays occurring in February, it gets expensive going out to four dinners, having four cakes etc. 

I volunteered to pick up cupcakes from this new store that just opened off Inwood and Lovers in Dallas. I discovered this gold mine through the Daily Candy Dallas Weekend Edition. Gigi's has an incredible variety of delicious cupcakes. The flavors I picked out for my family (and significant others) are: Caramel Apple, Coconut Snowball, Wedding Cake, Midnight Magic, White Midnight Magic and Scarlett's Red Velvet. These cupcakes are well worth the $3 a piece. You get enough frosting for the whole cupcake, not just a drizzle on top. The cake is moist and light, not dry and dense like some other cupcakes I have tried. The menu changes every day, so be sure to check the website!

They also had some extra flavors on sale today that were not on the Saturday menu like Tiger Tails and Champagne, and while I was tempted to buy enough to last me the week, I gathered some will-power and walked out with just my order. Being sick last week also meant shedding some pounds, and I'd hate to put them back on from a cupcake binge. The only down side to this store is the location. It's not easy to navigate, and Lover's becomes a one lane each way road and it's just terrible. Glad my brakes were functioning today! 

I'm looking forward to dessert tonight after our delicious steak dinner at Bob's Chop House. I'm thinking Filet Mignon. . . 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cough Attacks

Daily Caffeine Count: 2
Daily Drug Count: 6
Daily Halls Soothers Count: I've lost track. . .

Needless to say I'm not working out. Although, with my lack of appetite I supposed it's a wash. I know your body doesn't part with fat when you don't eat, so I've been trying to make myself eat something. It's interesting to have to force feed myself . . . never been in this situation before. I really hope to feel much better in the morning.  

I've been wanting to try a Hungry Girl recipe for chocolate muffins. Using Devil's Food cake mix, add one 16oz can of pumpkin (not the pie filling) and combine! The pumpkin replaces all the other "wet" ingredients and cuts out many calories. I'm hoping to give that a whirl this week and hopefully I'll remember to a) take pics, even though there aren't many steps and it would probably be hard to mess it up, and b) taste test of course!

One last thing before I figure out how far behind in Microbiology I am: drink water! This is advice for everyone, not just me and not just those wanting to shed pounds. Trust me, if you drink more water even your skin will look better! So I'm off to down a liter of H2O and start my Microbiology Test Review. 

Here's hoping I'm better in the morning. I almost miss working out! (Did I say that?)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally up and running!

Daily Caffeine Count: 1

Well, I finally decided on a name and I'm just jumping in the deep end here! I haven't decided exactly what I want to write about, I just felt the need to put something down on "paper", document something of my life. It's Sunday afternoon, and to be honest I'm feeling under the weather - sore throat and whatnot. So I'm taking it easy, sitting in bed watching Harry's Law and all the other shows I missed this week. I love DVR! Also, Easter candy has hit the shelves. I love all candy, all year round but Easter candy is my favorite. Cadbury's mini eggs and creme eggs tempt me everytime I walk into the store! I restricted myself to one bag of mini eggs and hopefully this will be it for the week. Mini eggs are not conducive to weight loss, another journey I'm struggling along. More on that later. 

I'm hoping by writing down some of my goals, especially weight loss related, I'll stick to what I need to do and accomplish them. That being said, I really hope I can breath tomorrow morning so I can work out!