Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm beginning to realize I severely underestimate my intelligence. Not only did I score very well on the TEAS test last week, but I also scored above average on the HESI test and well above the scores acceptable for the schools I'm looking into. So now both those tests are out of the way, that's one more thing to check off my nursing school to-do list!

It feels good to see how well I can do when I focus and study hard. Just like with the Microbiology class. I really never thought I would be able to pass these classes, or these tests, never mind blow them out of the water! I'm proud of myself, and it feels good =)

Cholesterol Dip

Or that's what my family calls it, because it's a bowl of cream cheese, cheese and chili. Can't be good for those arteries, but it sure is yummy!

You will need:
1 package of cream cheese or neufch√Ętel cheese
1 14oz can of chili, no beans (I used turkey)
Shredded Mexican cheese

In an 8x8 dish or pie dish, spread the cream cheese over the bottom of the dish.
Pour the chili on top
Top with the shredded cheese
Microwave until the cheese has melted on top and the chili is bubbling around the edges.
Dig in with some chips!

I Want One

I love kitties. Tiger cubs are just the cutest, especially here:

Baby Tigers!

So cute and little and inquisitive. I wish I could play with them. Meow!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

I stumbled onto a Big Bang Theory mini marathon on TBS today and since other options were limited, I decided to watch for a bit. 
I just watched this episode - hilarious!
Wow, is this show funnier than I thought!! I am really liking it, and might even add it to my DVR list. Or maybe it's on OnDemand?! I can definitely see why it's an Emmy nominated show. I can't believe I waited so long to watch!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Happy Friday!!!

  • HESI exam tomorrow. Haven't prepped enough. Nervous. 
  • Rangers tonight. Please win this one! Last night was excruciating.
  • I need to go to the grocery store and buy some healthy food. I seriously fell off the wagon the past week or two.
  • I also should visit the gym before they post a missing persons picture.
  • My Philosophy book arrived, which means I should start getting to work on this class. It's only a month and half long, I can do this!
  • I'm still sitting at a table at the office. I really want them to find me a cube soon. I feel exposed and unsettled. 
  • Put in 60 days notice to vacate the apartment. Time to shop for apartments!
  • S is in Houston for the weekend. Excuse to get take out from Clay Pit! (defeating the purpose of bullet number 3, but I don't get the chance to eat aromatic food when he is home).
Ok, I'm off to study/watch the Rangers (hopefully) win! Have a great weekend, ya'll!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pizza Loaf

The ingredients for this recipe have been on my shopping list since I pinned it over a month ago! I was at Target one morning and finally decided to try it out. I used a different kind of bread and cut back a bit on the butter, but it was absolutely delicious. And S tried it and liked it! Score!

Bloomin' Pizza Bread by The Girl Who Ate Everything
1 unsliced loaf of bread, the recipe says sourdough but I used a semolina three cheese loaf
12-16 ounces mozzarella/provolone cheese, thinly sliced
1 package pepperoni (I left some round and halved some)
3 tablespoons butter, melted (I cut back to 2 tbsps)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon Italian seasonings
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (I sprinkled with mozzarella instead)
pizza/marinara sauce for dipping

First cut the loaf of bread length and width ways, but not all the way through to the crust. 
I cut up my own slices of cheese, but you can use pre-sliced if you want.
I cut some pepperoni slices in half and left some whole.
Place the cheese and pepperoni between the slices of the bread. 
Add the herbs to the melted butter and drizzle all over the loaf. Sprinkle with some cheese and wrap in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. 
Unwrap the bread and bake for another 10 minutes. 

This was so simple and quick. It made the kitchen smell all garlicky, cheesy and just so warm and yummy! This is perfect football watching food. 
Be sure to have that marinara sauce handy for dipping. 

Good Manners vs Awkward

I appreciate people with good manners. I really dislike when people display bad manners. It is definitely a nice gesture when someone holds the door open for you. But, how long should they stand there waiting for you to get to the door? I think at a certain point, either the person holding the door is waiting too long or the other person has to break into a small jog, it's ok to not hold the door.
If someone is right behind you and you let the door smack them in the face, well that is kind of rude. So perhaps just do a quick check to see if someone is close by. There is no need to stand there like a doorman waiting.
I hate having to walk faster to eliminate the awkward period, and I don't want to just keep walking my regular speed because that extends the awkward period.
Thank you for holding the door for me, nice humans, but really it's ok if you don't stand there waiting on me. I won't be upset.

TEAS Results

I passed! With a really good grade! According to the report, I scored in the 97th percentile. Isn't that crazy? Only 3% of people who took the test scored better than I did. I am shocked at how well I did considering how badly I did on the practice test I took last Thursday. Now all I have to do is get a great score on the HESI and I'm well on my way to Nursing school acceptance. 

I feel smart =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Purse

The other weekend at Target I saw this purse as I was wandering through the aisles. It was barely $14, but I'm on a budget and had to leave it behind.
I love Hello Kitty!

Most Interesting Monster in the World

Saw this on Facebook earlier. . . love it!
True story. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Finally making some progress on that In N Out by my apartment. Hopefully it'll open before I move!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stars Game

Last weekend S and I went to the Dallas Stars game at the American Airlines Center. S had never been to a NHL game, so I was excited to take him. The arena wasn't full, and I'm guessing that's because the Rangers were playing the Tigers (and they made it to the World Series, baby!). 
We had some awesome seats, 6th row!
The halftime show race in a beer bottle costume, the usual. 
Outside the AAC.

It was really fun to get out and do something different. I hope we can get some Mavs tickets whenever the season starts. I'd like to get Cowboy tickets, but they are so darn expensive!!! 

Friday Fun Facts, Saturday Edition

  • Yesterday was a busy day for me as I started my new job! So far I love it.
  • The only weird this is they put me on the end of a center table between two rows of cubes. I'm hoping that changes really soon.
  • Today I'm taking the TEAS test, so I started cramming right when I got home until I fell asleep on the couch.
  • I plan on studying a little every night next week so I'm not cramming come Friday because I have the HESI on Saturday.
  • I have no idea what we are doing this weekend since S decided to stay in town. I think he's going to want to go to a haunted house.
  • I signed up for a weight loss challenge and then completely fell off the wagon. When things get to busy, diet and exercise are the first things to go!
  • I desperately need a new box of contacts. I'm down to my last paid, and have been for several weeks =/
  • Every so often I get a craving for Oreos. Anyone else? Just me?
  • S sold his iPhone so he can buy the new 4s unlocked in a few weeks, so for now he's using a flip phone that looks ancient. And the quality is bad too. Half the time I can't understand him. I'm so spoilt with my iPhone =)
  • Any good movies out? I feel like seeing a movie after this test. 3 Musketeers looked ok. Maybe we'll go for that.
Hope you are having more fun on a Friday night/Saturday morning than me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Days

A last day somewhere can be sad, but also exciting as you move onto your next life adventure. Not that working is an adventure really, but it's an experience and should only make you better and wiser.

Today is my last day at my current job, OMG! I have learnt quite a few things at this job, not only about the type of manager and supervisor I like and get along with, but I amazed myself at my time management skills and I went above and beyond in regards to hours being worked. There are some aspects I didn't like, which I won't list out but I have taken note for myself and will not participate in that sort of environment again. 

I am definitely going to miss my team and the other girls in the office. They are so much fun and all wonderful women. I can only hope my next job has some great people there too. Sometimes, it's the people you work with that can make or break a job. I might not have such a positive experience from this job had it not been for the people in my office. 

I have my exit interview today, and while I would never say anything nasty or bad because I don't want to leave that impression, I feel like I should say something about how, on occasion, I felt like my team did not get the respect and recognition we should have for many things. I want to be diplomatic about the whole thing and leave on good terms. 

We are going out to lunch today as a farewell to me celebration, and we are all meeting up for lunch over by my new office on Monday, which will be great! It'll be like I never left ;-)

PS. I spent yesterday filing and now I look like I had a fight with a rose bush. Fail. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good vs. Evil

I found this S'n'P set via Crooked Brains. I love the creativity in all these shakers. So simple, yet awesome. 
Wickedly cute, no?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Swear I'm an Adult

My parents went to Orlando recently, and me being the 7 year old that I am requested a Minnie Mouse. And my loving parents obliged =)
Here is my new Baby Minnie!
I honestly don't know why I decided I wanted a stuffed animal. I think my love for Minnie Mouse is slightly out of control right now. It's all good. Hopefully in the future I'll have a daughter and can pass my stuffed animals onto her. She can drool all over Minnie to her hearts content. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday's Random Tidbits

State of the Union:
  • Planning on going to Step in the morning and bootcamp with T at night. 
  • Made Bloomin' Pizza Bread today - recipe to come
  • I watched a few episodes of Prime Suspect, that new Maria Bello show, on NBC On Demand last night and I kinda like it! I might continue watching. 
  • I'm also really liking Hart of Dixie. I hope they don't cancel it. Several shows I liked this fall season have already been cut. 
  • I have really come to dislike fractions and decimals, especially when multiplication and division are involved. 
  • The Stars game last night was fun - I forgot how cold it can get in the AAC!
  • Rangers are going to the World Series!
  • I'm excited about starting my new job this Friday. I hope it's as good as they told me!
  • I received a $25 Starbucks card in the mail from my debit card reward points. I forgot I had redeemed them, so that was a nice surprise!
Are you ready for this week? This weekend went by fast, I can't believe tomorrow is Monday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rolo Cookies

I don't remember if I pinned this, or it just popped up in my google reader, but since I love minimal ingredient recipes, I had to try it! This is a pretty quick recipe, everything finished in 30 minutes. 

Rolo Cookies from Six Sister Stuff

Just four ingredients: one box of devils food mix, 1/3 cup of oil, two eggs and a package of rolos!
Combine the cake mix, oil and eggs. It should be a pretty thick batter.
Take a small amount of dough and roll around one roll, just enough to cover. That way the roll will melt throughout the cookie. Caramel in every bite!
Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 350 for 7-8 minutes. I made 28 cookies, but it all depends on how much dough you use per cookie. 
Back rows are baked, front rows are ready to go in the oven.
These are good warm or cold. I stored them in tupperware for a few days, because that's all the lasted! I shared with Rik and T, and took some into work. Rave reviews all around!

Closing Credit Cards

Have you ever tried to close a credit card? I have cards that I really don't need at all and the limit is pathetic and rarely gets an increase, so I decided to close them. I did check with a credit bureau to make sure it wouldn't adversely affect my score, which I'm trying to make better, not worse. They said if it was a fairly new card, less than one or two years old, that closing it would not affect my credit score. 

So this morning I called a particular back with whom I have a credit card with a couple hundred dollars as the limit. Lame, right? You can see why I think it's not worth having it open anymore. A final payment was made yesterday to pay off the balance and today I called to close it. I was transferred to an account manager who started asking all these questions like why am I closing it, who is my main credit card with, what's the limit on that, etc. In hindsight I should have told him what my personal banking credit card limit was because there is no way he would have been able to raise my limit to equal that or even come close. But I didn't. I said I wanted to skip the conversation where you try and convince me to keep the card, I would just like to close it please. I tried to be very polite and save us both some time. 

Then he starts in with "You have cash back!" A whole $19. I think I can pass that up. Also, it might be a good idea to even let customers know they earned cash back, because I had no idea. And by this point, I don't care. He kept repeating, "But you're going to lose it! You will lose the $19!" I replied that it was ok that I lost $19. I am ok with that. Whatever. Just close my darn card!!

After I blocked all his attempts to keep me as a customer, he couldn't get off the phone fast enough. I'm beginning to think I should have taken the customer service survey at the end of the call to say something to the effect of, you shouldn't start rushing to get off the phone or being rude to people who could potentially be customers in the future, but I will remember this. I doubt I'll ever use this bank or their credit services again. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

  • I got a job, yay!
  • We are supposed to be celebrating this weekend, yay!
  • We have tickets to the Stars game at the AAC tomorrow night. S has never been to a hockey game, so this will be interesting. 
  • T and I went to boot camp at 24 Hour Fitness on Monday, and I was sore for two days. I even woke up from the pain. 
  • TWLC starts tomorrow. I need to focus, focus, focus!
  • My shoes came in from shoedazzle. I wore them today and I'm in love.
  • I need to study hardcore for my TEAS test. I can't believe it's a week away already! WOW!
  • I remember I bought a Living Social deal for Whole Foods. I should definitely do my grocery shopping there this weekend. 
  • I need to remember to bring in a bag to pack up my desk next week. I don't want to leave anything here!
  • I had Pei Wei for dinner and it was delicious. It's been too long, Pei Wei. I missed you. I shall not stay away for so long again. Yum, yum!
  • Also, I took a personal day on Monday so yay for my third three day weekend in a row!
Have a wonderful weekend! It's supposed to cool down here next week, so I'm looking forward to that!

    Good News!

    I have some great news! I can finally announce that I got a new job!!! I'm super excited about it, and feel so lucky to have found a new job so quickly. It's for a well known agency here in town, and it's nationally recognized too. They work on a whole variety of clients, I get to buy nationally again and I get a raise! I'm so excited, if you couldn't tell from all the exclamation points. I am going to miss the girls at my current office so much though. They are all awesome. 

    I have applied for positions at this agency before, so it feels great to finally accomplish a goal my college self set for myself. I start this coming Friday and I just can't wait! It's nice to be excited about a job again. I hope it lives up to my expectations! I'm looking forward to a new job, new people, new challenges and a new phase in my career. Yay, me! (So what I toot my own horn. I think I deserve it =D)

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Sumo S'n'P Shakers!

    Are these not so cute?! No? Just me?!
    More shakers to add to my findings. I love these!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    TWLC 2

    Also known as That Weight Loss Challenge 2. That Wife is hosting a weight loss challenge from October 15th through April 15th. You can sign up here if you are interested. I am hoping such a large prize will motivate me to really buckle down. A*D signed up with me so I hope one of us can win this! The person with the highest percentage of weight loss is up for the cash prize, or you can participate in the google docs, or bimonthly chats to help you lose the weight if you aren't interested in the cash prize. 

    Since this will be running over the holidays, perhaps it will stop me from binging out so much on junk and chocolate and other holiday foods. I shall allow myself to have a little, and enjoy on the actual day, but no week long Christmas feasts. 

    I think the main thing I need to take from this is the motivation to keep on going and not give up. If I manage to stick with it and win, I'm looking at a nice chunk of change. And I'll be thinner! So, even if I don't win the competition, I still win with my health and in the end, that's all that really matters. 


    So you may or may not have noticed this blog is no longer titled The Over-caffeinated Bubblymuppet. I've been trying really hard to give up caffeine, and somewhat succeeding, so it just didn't seem relevant anymore. I feel as though I used caffeinating myself as a building block for this blog, but now I'm settled and confident in writing about what I want to write about. I don't need a crutch anymore. So, here I am! Just Bubblymuppet! It think it works, since the URL is just Bubblymuppet. Say Bubblymuppet three times fast. I hope you'll stick around even though I'm no longer caffeinated ;-)

    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    Sunday's Random Tidbits

    Luckily for me the weekend isn't over! Three day weekend, baby!

    • So the game yesterday was so painful. I ended up with indigestion from nerves. It was bad. Hopefully next year will be better!
    • S and I went to see Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. It was pretty good, especially if you are into political dramas. 
    • We met my parents, Rik and T for brunch at the Egg and I this morning. It was very yummy and filling. I haven't eaten since then!
    • I took a nap this afternoon and pretty much dreamt I was an Italian mobster, or that's what I'm assuming since all I remember is a lot of killing and pasta with red sauce and olive oil.
    • I'm anxiously waiting for contact from the people I interviewed with last week. I need to know if I still need to job hunt!
    • It's been raining here, which is great because we need it but it's pretty humid and nasty outside. I hate humidity. 
    • I'm planning on making another recipe I found on Pinterest, probably tomorrow. My coworkers and I need sugar therapy ;-)
    • It's about 2 weeks until my TEAS test and 3 weeks until the HESI test which means I really need to buckle down, study, take practice tests and get focused!
    Hope everyone has a great week!

    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Red River Rivalry

    This is one of the biggest games of the season for Texas. This rivalry is hardcore. I've only been once, my senior year, because the ticket prices are extortionate and I haven't figured out how to get them cheaper. But it was awesome. I took my brother, even though he was an OSU student at the time and he loved it. It was great. The stadium split 50/50, no home advantage, the excitement is electric! And we won, which makes it even better!

    I'm usually much more nervous that my current state. I think taking a step back from it all this year has helped. This will be the first game of the season that I've watched from the beginning. And that might make me a bad fan, a fair-weather fan to some, but I disagree. I watched every game last season, win or lose. I've always stayed at a game until the end. I always wear my orange. I just think I got too emotionally involved and it always put me in a bad mood. 

    The game is about to start over at the Cotton Bowl. I wish I was there with friends. There is nothing like a morning football game in the fall. Actually, there's nothing like a football game at any time in the fall. Love the cool, crisp weather and cheering for my team. Hook 'em Horns! Please win =)

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Friday Fun Facts

    • It's TX/OU weekend here in Dallas, people! Hook 'Em Horns!! \m/
    • One week down, three weeks to go before the office closes.
    • We have Monday off to celebrate Columbus day. Random, but I'll never turn down a three day weekend!
    • My beloved shoes shipped already, which is exciting! I can't WAIT to have them!
    • No more yoga on the weekends, unless I want to go to 24 hour fitness. One club has step at 8am which I'm considering. 
    • S bought Fast Five this week, which I'm looking forward to watching again.
    • I know I keep saying this, but I REALLY need to buckle down and get some studying done. These tests are coming up so fast!!
    • It was T's birthday yesterday, so we went to Gloria's for dinner and some drinks. It was all yummy and now she's the ripe ol' age of 23. Makes me feel like an ancient mummy here at 26 coming up 27.
    • She also said I look like my brother. . .a) I don't see it but I guess others do, and b) should it be he looks like me since I was here first?
    • My parents brought me a stuffed Minnie Mouse from Orlando, which I thought was really sweet. I'll have to post a picture =)
    I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Hook 'Em!!

    Dreams Do Come True

    On New years Day 2011 I received my monthly shoe dazzle email and there was a lovely pair of black wedges with a silver and grey animal print heel. I was in love. But I didn't have a spare $40 laying around so I skipped the month. That was a huge mistake. Months and months went by and I never found a pair of wedges that even came close. There was no feeling of excitement, that feeling of love at first sight as with Ciji. 

    My waiting has finally paid off. I recieved a Shoe Dazzle daily deal email today and who was the star? Ciji! I was on that website so fast, and had those babies in my cart at lightening speed. I sent the link to Stacy, just for cuteness verification. Then it was a go! I luckily had a credit from a few months back when I forgot to skip a month, because I find myself in the same situation as Januray where I have no funds yet again. But this time I will not lose out on my shoes, no way Jose. 

    Meet Ciji, the new love of my life.
    Shoe Dazzle
    I should be receiving them next week and I cannot WAIT! Patience pays off people!!

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    Curved Spaghetti

    How does spaghetti end up looking like this:
    Looks like a hook or something. 

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Sunday's Random Tidbits

    Sunday, again.
    • I finally caught up on all my DVR'd shows. . . so you can tell what I've been doing all weekend. 
    • I went to body pump yesterday but nothing today. I'm really missing yoga in the morning though. I'm planning on doing some cardio later. 
    • I finally saw Top Gun for the first time, and I really liked it!
    • Did you know Friends is on Nick at Night now?! I found four back to back episodes last night which made me want to watch more, so I busted out my DVD collection. I love this show!
    • I stopped at TJ Maxx to buy some new interview outfit options - picked up a cute herringbone jacket and black Calvin Klein top. I'm going to wear the jacket, but still deciding on the top.
    • I'm lacking motivation to get any studying done. . .
    • I tried sitting out on the balcony yesterday. First, the first chair i tried broke. Second, a wasp showed up, so I decided agains the whole balcony idea. Shame, because the weather is so nice right now!
    • Oh, I cut my thumb with a 10 inch blade Saturday morning, so that was fun. And bloody.
    • It's going to be an interesting week. Hopefully I don't stress too much, because the last thing I need is a pimple!
    Hope ya'll had a great, relaxing weekend!