Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

  • These aren't so fun, because I feel terrible. I must have eaten something bad because my stomach and intestines are so not happy.
  • I went to work for 15 minutes today before going home due to the pain. When I get home I find I need to do a major revision, so I've spent the day working in bed. Not entirely restful.
  • My ideeli shoes are on their way, as are my other secret packages. They should all arrive next week!
  • I get the play my Adele piano music this weeknd!
  • Gigi's is releasing their new Spring/Summer menu, and these cupcakes look good!
  • I just noticed a red splodge on my big toe. Guess that's where I ran over it with my desk chair wheel earlier in the week. 
  • It's now 7:15pm and I just finished with my work for the day. 
  • And now I'm exhausted and hungry and don't have much else to share!
Have a super weekend!

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