Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

It's Friday and payday! Unfortunately it's the paycheck my rent comes out of (ugh), but only two weeks until my next paycheck that I do most of my shopping with!! 
  • Tuesday morning I woke up and stopped eating candy and chocolate candy cold turkey. Turns out it wasn't that hard - I don't know why I thought it was?
  • I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm SO excited. My bangs need about 2/3rds chopped off. . . again.
  • I need to go pick up Stacy's birthday present and get it mailed to her. I WILL be on time this year!!
  • Went out to lunch with some of the girls from the office. Have you ever tried eatZi's? It's yummy! I made my own sandwich - roast chicken breast on ciabatta with ancho mayo, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and roasted red peppers. DELISH!
  • I'm still loving playing with my Urban Decay palettes. I went with a tuquoise and grey look today.
  • I also tried out the 24/7 liquid liner, and I like it! Went on nice and smooth, although it's waterproof and I'm not usually a fan.
  • My Enzo Angiolini pumps are out for delivery! I am quite excited. I'm just all sorts of excited today, aren't I?
  • This is repetitive, but I miss having a kitty. I say it alot because it's on my mind alot.
  • I'm looking forward to Sunday night TV. Four favorite shows on one night. I haven't had such a packed night since Thursday ruled my life in the not too distant past.
  • I'm contemplating the gym. At the very least, some yoga. I could do with a good stretch!
Ok, that's all my random thoughts for this Friday! Have a super awesome weekend =D

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