Sunday, March 25, 2012

Urban Decay/Lush Haul

I recently received my tax refund (yay!) but I didn't go completely crazy and limited myself to a preset budget. Here's what I ordered from Urban Decay/Amazon.
Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV
It came in such a pretty box where you lift up the lid to expose a mirror and butterflies. 
The drawer pulls out to expose the shadows, liner, mascara, primer and some keychain mp3 player.
I really like all these shadows - definitely wearable and not too crazy!
Liquid liner in black. I've been hesitant to use this yet because I find it hard to draw a straight line with liquid liner so I need to practice with this wand before doing my daily makeup with it!
The box also came with a mini mascara. I like the curve of the brush and the consistency of the mascara. I'm not sure how "curling" it is because my lashes are curled to begin with, but regardless I like it. 
I've been wanting to try this eye primer for a long time now, but could never bring myself to fork over the money, so I'm glad it came with a sample!
It did a pretty decent job, one of the best I've tried. My eyeshadow did not crease and lasted several hours longer than usual - so far so good! We'll see how it lasts on a workday.
Here's my arm with all the colors swatched. They're all pretty different and bright. I like variety =)
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
I have been lusting after this since it came out a few months ago. I really like this picture because you can see me in the mirror =D
I made sure that none of these shades duplicated with the Book of Shadows IV, so I have 28 brand new colors to play with! Although this is a lot of neutral colors, mainly tans and browns, I can mix and match and create different looks. 
Swatched on my arm. 
I used Bootycall for the highlight, YDK on the lid and Busted for the crease here. 
This palette came with a little lip gloss that is a nice light pink color and smells and tastes like peppermint. 
I like the shimmer in it too!
I also went to Lush on my lunch break earlier this week and picked up the following things to try out. I like how they use organic products and nothing animal related, which I'm sure is better for us and the animals!
I Love Juicy shampoo
This stuff is great. It smells delicious from all the fruit juices in it and it does leave my hair feeling really clean and not weighed down. My hair still feels clean on day 2, unlike before when I wasn't sure if I could really skip a day without my hair looking dirty. 
Veganese conditioner
I don't condition everytime I wash my hair so the first time I used it was the second time I washed my hair with I Love Juicy. The result was incredible. My hair is so soft, clean and the majority of my flyaways were no longer sticking out around my head. Amazing!
Ocean Salt body and face scrub
This stuff is pretty great. It felt good on my arms and elbows, but even better on my face. I just used a little because I didn't want to slough all the skin off my face or make it raw. It left my face feeling smooth and refreshed. 
Pretty blue color! It smells good too. All fresh and clean. 
Fizzbanger bath bomb
This was so cool. It dissolved to turn the water blue-green color and smelt like apple cinnamon and toffee. 
It made my skin smell good and soft and when in the water it made the skin feel slippery and smooth, it was a bit weird but fun! It also came with a fun little note inside (sorry it's blurry). 
So that's all I bought for now. I'm loving everything so far! I'm looking forward to trying out new Lush products and experimenting with the eyeshadows!

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