Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Club - Wannabe Spy Club

Here's what I read this week!
Meet Leslie, Dale, Jazz and Vivica: Four best friends use the skills they learn from their favorite spy shows and impromptu spy lessons to find love and bring down their enemies.

Sometimes when you date someone, you have to date their friends as well.

But Leslie Mason isn’t ready to date. Her life has been in limbo since the night her parents died, and she’s spent the last five years raising her teenage sister, Amanda. All she really wants is to see her sister settled safely at college. As far as Leslie’s concerned, living like a nun is no big deal – after all, who needs a man when you have three best friends like the other members of The Wannabe Spy Club? Their mission: to learn everything they believe spies would know. If that means watching every spy show ever made, shooting guns, riding motorcycles, or even pole dancing, they’re all in. Therefore, Leslie sees no compelling reason to add a man to the mix... until she meets the oh-so-tempting, tattoo-covered, Harley-riding mechanic, Jack Bradley (click the picture source link for the full synopsis). 

My thoughts:
I downloaded this because it was a free Kindle book and I'm really glad I did because I thought this book was great! It really didn't have anything to do with spies, but the girls do use spy gadgets and tips picked up from watching spy shows to save one of their own. One of the main story lines revolves around one of the Wannabes, Leslie, and Jack, a nice mechanic who is head over heels for her. The other main story line is about Leslie's younger sister, Amanda, and the problems she gets herself into by being rebellious and acting out. She gets herself into trouble with a gang member, and that's where the Wannabes and their spy stuff comes in. There were some pretty hot and heavy scenes between Jack and Leslie, but I guess that's why it's a romance novel! This was such a fun, easy read I just couldn't put it down - read it in about half a day. 

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  1. This sounds really cute! And free? I may have to download it myself :)

  2. I love quick and fun reads. Especially free ones! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just stopped by from Book Club Friday! I am now your newest follower. ;0

  4. Free, easy & quick?! Sounds great!

  5. Some of my favorite quick and easy books have been the free ones from Kindle! I'm going to have to check this out!


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