Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

I say this almost every week, but Friday, I love you. You are my second most favoritist day =)
  • Happy Easter weekend everyone!
  • This means I can eat fast food again!
  • But I'm going to try not to.
  • Except for Chick Fil A, because I can't resist the delicious warm moist chicken on either a warm buttery biscuit or bun. YUM! The only thing that sucks is that they are closed on Sunday so I have to wait a whole extra day!
  • I want to see American Reunion. Might try for a matinee showing.
  • Did anyone watch Scandal? Thoughts?
  • I painted my nails this AM and then realized I had to go to the bathroom and my bangs were starting to itch my nose so I had to use a pen to move them out of the way #firstworldproblems
  • My mom has Easter Eggs for us which I can't wait to devoure. Love Cadbury's chocolate!
  • I'm really excited about all the books I downloaded to my Kindle lately. I'm branching out from my usual authors and I've found some gems.
  • It was one of my bff's birthday yesterday and my package for her actually arrived on time!! I'm so happy she liked everything =D I love giving presents.
  • I failed pretty miserably at going to the gym or working out this week, so I'm going to make an extra effort to do that tonight and this weekend.
  • My Amazon package with 70 k-cups arrivied today! There were alot of different ones from the last sample pack so I'm looking forward to trying them!
  • I bought some stuff from Haute Look earlier in the week and I'm dying for it to be shipped out already! I don't understand why it takes so long. Their estimated delivery date was like 4/24 - 5/3. Why so long!?
I hope everyone has an awesome Easter weekend!

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