Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday's Random Tidbits

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a great weekend =)
  • I bought a mango at the store, and I'm really not sure what to do with it.
  • I had a really sore throat on Friday night and felt like the passage between my nose and throat were blocked, but now it's become a runny nose. It's a really weird sensation and it's made me feel so BLAH!
  • I succeeded in staying away from the make-up and clothing sections of Target, woohoo! I decided no more purchases until my Haute Look order is delivered, which is not until 4/24. I'm all about instant gratification and waiting almost a month for order delivery is not ok with me. I don't know if I'll buy from them again.
  • Except maybe a maxi dress from Old Navy. Come on, they're like $15!
  • I've signed up for TLWC3!
  • I've been walking Rik and T's dog, Swarley, since T is out of town and Rik has been working late (it's Tax season). He's the cutest thing, but he doesn't seem to like going very far with me =(
  • I'm trying to get on a clean eating regime/lifestyle choice. I apparently eat more chemicalized food than I realized. Yes, I made up a word.
  • I've been doing really well not really drinking soda. I think I had one Diet Coke throughout the entire week, and it tasted all the more delicious when I had it! Yes, I realize it's chemicals.
  • I had brunch this morning with two college friends at the ever delicious Egg and I. It was so good to see them!! 
  • I took two naps today, and it was awesome =)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Rise and grind tomorrow (Thanks Dolvett!)

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