Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haute Look Purchase

On April 2nd I placed an order for some items that were 50-85% off retail price which I thought was awesome. I guess I wasn't really paying attention to when the shipping dates were, or maybe I thought it wouldn't really be too long of a wait, or maybe they'd ship things early. Whatever I thought, I was wrong.

It's currently 4/22, so 20 days since I placed my order and I'm still waiting for it to ship. Delivery dates are anywhere from 4/24 to 5/2. I'm supposed to receive an email confirmation of shipment and since that has yet to happen I'm assuming it won't be delivered by 4/24. Is it just me or is it a bit crazy to wait one month for delivery or beauty products? That makes me think they didn't even have the items in stock at the time of the sale. It also makes me think twice about ordering from Haute Look. I think I much prefer ideeli because they've had delayed shipment before, but it actually ended up shipping out earlier and it was never one month after purchase.

I'm just impatient and am very much about instant gratification. Amazon Prime is spoiling me. I can wait about a week before I start to get antsy. I mean ground shipping is what? 7-10 business days? I hope the Haute Look package doesn't take that long. I also hope it's worth it. I haven't bought any new beauty products since placing this order! (You'd think I'd have saved some money from that, but somehow, I didn't). I've had so many things to show you in a haul post and have been waiting specifically for this to arrive so I could include it. Anyway, here's hoping it arrives this week!

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