Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Random Tidbits

Yesterday was so busy, I am totally relaxing all today. . .

  • Except for doing the laundry
  • And cleaning the bathrooms
  • And cooking some chicken skewers (yum!)
  • I went shopping at Target before my hair appt yesterday and bought yet another cardigan, this time in black, some fake eyelashes and some Sonia Kashuk brushes that are super duper cute!
  • I also picked up some other items from around town that I can't disclose yet because I mailed the same thing to Stacy in her BFFBOG&BDP (which stands for best friend forever box of goodies and birthday present). We're dorks, so what?! =D
  • I can't believe it's already April. APRIL, you guys!
  • Also, I really dislike April fools. Probably because I'm super gullible, and then get sad when I've been "fooled".
  • I got new passport pics taken and they look weird. And now that I have bangs my passport and drivers license will look nothing alike. Except for the fact I'm wearing the exact same cardigan in both. It wasn't planned. 
  • I was about an hour early for my hair appt and decided to get out my kindle and read. But it was dead. Kindle Fail. 
  • I'm watching Leave it to Niecy and the most interesting character is one of her daughters. Completely dry sense of humor. Love it. 
  • Mad Men tonight, woo!
Hope you all had a super weekend. Ready for the work week?!

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