Saturday, April 28, 2012

Virtual 5K

Some of the TWLC3 members did a virtual 5k this weekend. Those of us who wanted to participate just had to say we were in, and report back with our time. I just went to the gym to run mine mainly because I suck at running outside and I'm not completely convinced I live in the safest area.

Anyway. . . I alternated walking and running and was doing really well until about 2.85 when my right knee started to hurt. I was going to ignore it, but thought that might be a bad idea and slowed to a walk. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to finish strong at a run, but the important thing is that I finished right? And that I ran at all, because I just really suck at running and always have. It took me 48:30, so about 15:50 per mile. 

Now I have a time to beat the next time I do this, something to focus on. Yay for everyone who participated! I'm really enjoying the community we have going on. It's really encouraging and helpful. I'm very glad I signed up for TWLC3.

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