Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIAW #15

Happy Wednesday. It's WIAW time!

I made some overnight oats for breakfast, but omitted the greek yogurt since I was out of it and didn't have a choice. I topped it with some Justin's honey peanut butter and a bit of Bear Naked Fit Triple Berry Crunch granola. I also had a cappuchino k-cup which was delish and hazlenutty!
I have two lunches to show you! One is a sausage sandwich in a whole wheat pita with ketchup. My mom cooked up some English sausages on Easter and I got to take home the leftovers! I love these and it was the perfect light lunch.
The second lunch I want to show you is my left over seared ahi tuna plate from Yumi To Go. The tuna was seared with a blackened pepper crust and on a bed on soba noodles with some mushrooms and cucumber. I added some extra cucumber (not pictured). YUM!
I found these Justin's bars at Whole Foods, and it's an imitation snickers bar! Pretty good, but I might like the peanut butter cups a bit more.
For dinner I had had a left over taco burger on a whole wheat bun from my mom's Easter feast.
Side dish of pasta salad - pasta, sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers, olives and feta. SO GOOD!
S took me out for dessert one night to marble slab. You're looking at a small cup of Amaretto with white chocolate chips. It was delicious!
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  1. Justin's now has bars?! I though I died and went to heaven when I found the PB cups! I can't wait to try these...I'm on the hunt!

    1. I've only found these at the bigger Whole Foods near me. It was really yummy, but I still think the PB cups are my fav!


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