Monday, May 14, 2012

A 1st Birthday

On Saturday I made the trek over to Ft. Worth for a first birthday party for Gunnar, the son of my high school friend Alicia. I call it a trek because I had to take 6 highways to get there and it took just under an hour. Even though we're in the same metroplex, we might as well not be because that's a looooong drive.

Anyway, the birthday boy! I can't believe in just one year this:

has grown up into this:
This is my new favorite picture
That handle he's holding onto is his new lawnmower, and oh boy don't try and take that away from him because there will be tears!
The party was fun. There was a lot of yummy cake and presents (yay, cake!)
The big cake
 Gunnar's personal smash cake
That was quickly destroyed after some tentative poking. . .
This is another favorite picture:
Is this not the cutest thing?
Yay, cake!!
I felt a little in over my head at the toy aisle in Target because I've never really bought presents for a one year old boy before, but here's what I went with:
It's a puppy that talks and lights up and you can teach him Gunnar's name and it'll help Gunnar spell his name when he's old enough to talk =) I also bought some play keys.
These were a hit!
He's sitting in his new sand pit, btw. I got a cute picture of Alicia and Gunnar. . . lucky shot because he didn't like looking at the camera!
We were talking about how we'd been friends for something like 12 years. Crazy!
Happy Birthday little man. Stop growing so fast ;-)

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