Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blend 5K

I participated in another "virtual 5k" today. I found this one on Becoming the Odd Duck by Laura, another member of TWLC3. We just had to go out and run our own 5K and blog and/or tweet about it using the hashtag #blend5k. So I did!

I actually did a circuit workout before to get my muscles working so I would burn some extra calories while running, so I guess I started out a little fatigued, but I still did really well!

Here's me post run/walk:

My face matches my shirt!

The big news is. . . I shaved 4:26 off last weeks time!! So that works out to a 14:16 mile pace. Yay!! I will improve little by little.

It was a little hard at the end, but I just kept repeating "Keeping going" and "Come on" to myself, first out loud, then in my head when I really couldn't speak anymore! But it worked =) Also, my knee didn't hurt which is good because I forgot my brace. I might keep this up and make sure to walk/run, and eventually just run, a 5k every Saturday. 


  1. I'm so happy you ran the #Blend5K! Thank you for the recap - I'm going to share the link on my recap post :)

    1. Awesome =) Thanks for sharing this with the Facebook book!

  2. Good for you girl! So inspiring! I'm working on getting my running skills back after a knee surgery and it's sooo hard and frustrating, but stories like these inspire me more! :)

    1. Thanks!! Good luck rebuilding your skills. Don't give up!!


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