Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Hodge Podge Post

I'm in the mood to write, but I'm not sure what about. There is nothing particularly new going on with me right now, or at least nothing worthy of an entire blog post. I'm trying hard with my eating and working out, but I've been feeling really lethargic for some reason. I've been coming home and taking like 2 hour naps and then still sleeping during the night, although it's not good quality sleep because of external factors uncontrollable by me. Maybe I'm just tired from working out twice a day some days.

Do you ever get mad or upset at someone because you feel like they don't care enough, or were inconsiderate in some way, but you know they would never think that they did anything wrong? I feel like I've mentioned this before. I might be overly sensitive, but when people I really care about take me for granted or hurt my feelings I take it pretty badly and I withdraw hardcore. I'm in this place right now. Maybe it'll pass soon and I'll get over myself. Maybe the other person will reach out to me. Maybe I should not be such a baby. Man, First World Problems, right??

I feel so boring. Perhaps I'll be more upbeat and interesting tomorrow.

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