Monday, May 14, 2012

TWLC3 Update - 5/14

I am happy to report a weight loss this week! I'm down 1.8lbs, or .99% this week for a total loss of 11.8lbs and 6.46%. I'm 0.8lbs away from my sunglasses!!

My diet has not been perfect, but I stepped up the working out, so I think it's a combination of the two. That's not to say I didn't try to eat right all week, but the cupcakes got to me on Thursday and I had birthday party food on Saturday. BUT I definitely made much better choices, and gave myself smaller portions than I would have before I started this clean eating plan and weight loss challenge. I chose veggies instead of chips, skipped tortillas, cut my portion of ranch dressing and didn't give into the overwhelming chocolate craving with a binge, but with a sensible choice - one piece.

My self control has come leaps and bounds over the past month and I really think it's because I am seeing continued results so I know if I keep at it, I'll keep losing. When I stop losing, I'll re-evalutate to see what I can change for the better.

As far as my goals went, overall I achieved over 80%, but that was because I went over 100% on some of my tasks like push ups and crunches which I did almost everyday. I think I need to make this more challenging for myself so I don't rely on the easier tasks to bring in my weekly percentage.

I have no problem drinking water

I have a problem sticking 100% to my eating plan
I let myself have a pair of earrings this week because I did what I set out to do - achieve 80% overall.
I love these - wearing them today!
This week I'm going to make it a little more difficult. Example: I set a goal of sticking to my eating plan 5-6 times a week. Well, I only really 100% stuck to my eating plan 2 days last week. In order to qualify for my weekly rewards I'm going to say I need to achieve 75% for each task, so for the eating plan thats 4 days. This way I don't cruise through by rationalizing that overall I achieved 80% so the fact I completely bombed my eating goal doesn't count, because it should. Five to six days shouldn't be hard - that's at least one day where I can have a treat and it's ok.

I'm feeling pretty good and I'm feeling a bit stronger. I managed to do 15 modified push ups in a row with out stopping aka. collapsing on my face. Hopefully soon I'll be able to do a push up for real. That's the goal - just one ;-)

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