Monday, October 8, 2012

Yoga Challenge Recap - Week 1

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
WOOHOO!!! I got the button to work =D

Here's my recap for last week:

Challenge: 3 sessions of yoga each week

Actual: 2.5 sessions of yoga
  • Monday - Pocket yoga (10 minutes)
  • Wednesday - Practiced Tree pose
  • Thursday - Pocket yoga (30 minutes)
I'm calling Wednesday's session just half a session, since all I did was practice my tree pose and meditate. You can call it a full session if you like =)

Since I no longer have dining room furniture, I set up my yoga mat as a constant reminder to get on the mat!
It's a good start to the challenge. I plan on doing a session tonight after my cardio workout. I can definitely tell how tight I am and how much my body needs a good stretch. More yoga, please!

If you're doing the challenge, how did you do? Make sure to link up with Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life!!

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