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NAME:28 layer buried blind hole plate
Detailed introduction:
The eighth China international furniture exhibition will be held in Shanghai on June 2 to 4, 2010 was held in Shanghai new international expo center. The exhibition "furniture to restore the essence of life" as the theme, scientific and reasonable comprehensive spread new market idea, for the furniture industry to provide a more professional, more extensive propaganda and communication platform. Shanghai as the bibcock of Yangtze river delta economic circle, the real estate market is active, mature consumption, is building brand, expand their business, improve the grade of the ideal stage, in this huge market contain the unlimited business opportunities. Shanghai as China's economic center, financial center, trade center, shipping center, naturally become the focus of attracting worldwide attention, together with Shanghai radiation surrounding cities, huge consumption of energy and many high income people, there is no doubt the Chinese furniture colleagues a striking attraction, is improve product added value, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise brand the most valuable market. During the exhibition coincided with the Shanghai world expo, with crowds at home and abroad, merchants gathered, is bound to bring about a new business.
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